Fast Food Salvation

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Today I observe a number of crafty charlatans promising fast food solutions to the spiritually hungry. Truth can’t be sold or told. Fancy words and grandiose gestures merely stimulate the intellect and get you thinking. Only by surfing the cosmic waves in the ocean of your loving heart are you able to transcend life’s problems and discover your true spiritual nature.

Much is being said about ‘attracting and keeping real love’ as if it was something outside of ourselves. Love cannot be ‘kept’ or influenced. Love is all there is, sweet soul. We are love.

The intellectual concept of a messiah is presented by the mind as a promise which causes many to look outside of themselves and into the future, hoping for some kind of salvation. Truth, power, wisdom and freedom exist in the present moment of the now. The messiah as a poetic symbol points to the love residing in our heart, love’s true home. We are all children of God. Look no further! You are the messiah.

All religions serve a purpose and vary in their teachings. They are all paths but alas, they are also all constructs of the mind, destined to perish. Love, the source of all life, resides in the heart and lies far beyond religion, philosophy, metaphysics, science and the mind itself.

Why study an aura? Look within at the source of your aura. Behold God’s love living in your heart and allow spirit to be your guide. An aura is but one manifestation of your true self. Why study a flashlight when the sun shines above? Your golden heart illuminates all darkness and vanquishes all questions.

A good teacher is patient and compassionate. Impatience is one of the many faces of anger, which is not conducive to healthy relationships. A good teacher inspires through example, not just flowery words, sparkling eyes and animated gestures.

Many ‘wallet hounds’ offer spiritual salvation, financial salvation, emotional salvation etc. This brings ‘freedom’ and is available in various sizes, shapes, colors, aromas etc., all of which can be accessorized beyond belief. The problem is that there is nothing to ‘save.’ As soul you are already free. Toss that wallet where it really counts: into the glorious waters of your loving heart.

I am Sri Ego. I know it all! I am the door to truth so don’t interrupt! Listen to me, do as I say! Buy my book and dvd. Follow my 96 rules to enlightenment. Where the hell’s my lunch? I’ve been perched on this pedestal for hours and my butt is killing me. Don’t ask such stupid questions. Will you ever learn? Repeat after me, “Sri Ego, Sri Ego, only through you can we go.”

Spirituality cannot be bought or taught; it can only be caught. Divine love is splashing around in your glorious heart right now, so pull out your magic fishing rod, start trolling for joy and share your bountiful catch with others.

Much is being said about harnessing ‘the power of attraction’ these days. Love can’t be saddled or reigned in. Rather than trying to attract things into your life, relax, gaze inwards and behold your true nature. Love begets only love when your heart is open. Beware of those who try to ‘sell’ you otherwise.

Some teachers are agents of the mind offering intellectual crumbs to the spiritually famished. Words only get you thinking. No teaching is worth a pinch of mouse poop unless it is imbued with divine love. Rise above mental ideas and discover who you truly are by expressing yourself fully from the heart. Love is all there is.

The secret to financial success, the secret to spiritual freedom, the secret to happiness, the secrets of manifesting, the secret to this and the secret to that etc. So many are willing to ‘sell’ all these secrets for profit. Personally, I am wary of those who tell or sell so-called secrets, especially in light of the fact that truth cannot be hidden; therefore there is no such thing as a ‘secret.’

Your heart is love’s true home.


About Sri Gawn Tu Fahr - Love's True Home

I’m not a guru, saint, master or redeemer. I am soul; dream’s eternal lover and love’s eternal dreamer. Canadian author of Love's True Home, and Facebook's Mystic of Mayhem.
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11 Responses to Fast Food Salvation

  1. ramonah49 says:

    Love your posts.
    I’m doing a research essay on solitude – and how so often we ignore that longing our souls yearn for but that which many do not know or recognize the true meaning of solitude. Where the Self returns to its true home. Where the silence and stillness, and the boundless universe awaits us to return home. Yet somehow writing the significance of this paper on my grade frightens that I lose language and words to begin writing about solitude. I do not know what I should write about solitude and I humbly ask for your suggestion and help being that you have much knowledge about a great many related topics as such. Thanks!

    • Love thyself as soul, not as a person. People vanish and bodies die. Love is an eternal beacon residing in your heart. Shine on and fear nothing. Look beyond your body and rejoice as you behold spirit’s resplendent light and sound within.

      The path to freedom can be a lonely journey, for few tread this road to heaven’s gate. However, you are not alone. Gaze into your inimitable heart, precious one, and let spirit’s light show you the way to the glorious worlds of God’s eternal love.

      You are never alone. Gaze into the brilliant splendor of your incomparable heart. You are freedom, love, power and wisdom. No one, including all spiritual teachers, spirit guides and masters can give you what you already have. Love is all there is.

      I stumbled in complete darkness, lost and all alone. Then suddenly, out of nowhere a spark of you appeared,
      a flickering firefly of love. As I gazed upon thee a bright light burst from my heart, all darkness was dispelled and vanquished were my fears, free-flowing were my tears of joy.

      • ramonah says:

        What do you think it means when we say “Listen to your when he’s calling for you”?
        Does it mean returning to our soul, the genuine Self within of us?
        Does it mean to follow our intuition?

      • Intuition is allowing the voice of God, spirit, to be our guide. It beckons from beyond the mind and our senses bringing bounty, joy and opportunity into our lives. Intuition offers creative solutions to our problems. Open the petals of your inimitable heart and accept God’s gracious love. The incredible creative energy of spirit uses human beings to express itself through various art forms. You are a living and breathing canvas for spirit’s voice which can inspire and uplift others. Use your glorious heart to paint life with broad sweeping brush-strokes of warm love.

  2. Jeanna says:

    You are a true breath of fresh air, thankyou.

    I learnt the hard way about these spiritual gurus and five thousand pounds later he got angry and insulting just as the money ran out funny enough. On reflection I realise that I always knew eveything I was being taught, and love is us. We are God we are love, even if displayed as foolish women sometimes. At least I now have wisdom.

    • Ho true Jeannette – we do learn from experiences – all answers lie within our golden hearts, Love’s true home.

      • ramonah49 says:

        I now just remembered who you remind me of – the wise old king from The Alchemist. This book is fantastic and filled with much wisdom and inspiration. Truly one of my favorite books of all time! Sri Gawn Tu Fahr, what do you think about the space that solitude offers us and how can we use in hope of promoting peace for humanity and all the living creatures on Earth? What do you think is the purpose of solitude for mankind?

      • Imagine this: every single person on the planet agreeing on one thing at the same time. This is what it would take to have world peace.

    • You are truly wise Jeanette.

  3. sharon says:

    Peace is everyone in the world agreeing at one time? I think not! Peace is the ability to hold different viewpoints and still be at peace as it all plays out and the truth becomes manifest without argument, without stress! Blessings!

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