66 snazzy snippets to snaggle your mind

Enjoy these quotes from my best selling new book ‘Love’s True Home’ and  visit me on Facebook.

Forget your short-comings; hug your long-goings.

I love giving my mind a swift hard boot right between the thoughts.

If you’re gonna do it then do it. Nothing will ever get done if you just say screw it.

I love taking a bubble bath in the fountain of your heart.

You’ve got quite a life, I like the way you live it, I like the way you laugh and I like the way you give it.

A person whom a dim wit considers to be brilliant is nothing more than a slightly brighter dim wit.

Human beings are living proof that God has an incredible sense of humour.

Why does spontaneity always show up so unexpectedly?

Only one act is worth repeating: love.

I welcome your opinion as long as you don’t make any suggestions.

How happy you are and so you should be. From that glint in your eye I can tell you are free.

I’m the crust and you are the topping; you’re hot tangy sauce has my love atoms popping!

I didn’t have any idea of who I was until I stopped being who I wasn’t.

My love is like a windshield wiper washing clean your pane.

Are you half asleep or half awake? They are not one and the same.

The only problem with ‘being here now’ is that I’m always somewhere else when I’m thinking about it.

True love can never be measured. It can only be treasured.

One way to escape the confines of the mind is to let go of what you we don’t have.

Your love makes a lot of scents and my grateful heart inhales them all.

I didn’t realize I was sleeping until I woke up (to the truth).

All I can say about pleasure and joy is “I’m glad you’re a girl and thank God I’m a boy.”

Every answer lies within our hearts, love’s true home.~

When everyone is insane no one notices.

If you hold a circle in your hands and give it a half twist, it becomes the symbol for infinity.

I sure dig your style and I like your aroma, the love from your heart puts my brain in a coma.

I am not on a mission. I am Love’s mission.

Getting a drivers license is a memorable experience. Every time I get mine back I celebrate.

The fact that greed can be shared is an oxymoron of immense proportions.

I feel like Rumi on a rocket, zooming through the heavens with your warm heart in my pocket.

Just because you wallowed in mud yesterday doesn’t mean you can’t ride a comet across the sky today.

I was feeling so low when I woke up today I had to climb an 18 ft extension ladder to get up to the basement.

The wing-tipped waves of your sweet love lake makes me wanna bake a birthday cake.

I am a flame, reaching higher and higher as I breathe in the heat of your intense desire.

The distance between here, there, everywhere and nowhere is infinite and infinitesimal.

I am the waves beneath your boat, upon my love your heart does float.

Whoever invented the phrase ‘I’m bored’ probably had nothing better to do.

Mind without a heart is like gas without a fart. The pressure keeps building and there’s no relief in sight.

My tears of joy are transformed into glittering emeralds when they alight upon your love-filled heart.

My psychic was shocked and surprised when I dropped in unexpectedly.

Whew! That was close. I almost got there before I arrived!

Don’t get too far ahead of yourself or you may end up spending the rest of your life trying to catch up.

I wasn’t reading your mind. It was reading me.

Love is the only answer to which there is no question.

If you don’t give it all you’ve got, it won’t be got and will soon be forgotten, all for naught, withered and rotten.

Are you feeling unruly today? Enjoy it. It means that no one can rule you.

Love is the only thing which can never be exhausted.

Infants are the root cause of all senior citizens.

Are your fart bombs messianic, are they rancid and gigantic, when you walk into a room does everybody panic?

My love-filled heart soars through your sky, my tears form rainbows as I cry.

Hey! How long have you been pulling that wagon?

I just love the way you compliment yourself when you tell me how wonderful I am.

It is so quiet in here that I can hear a mouse peeing on a kleenex.

A single drop of water from your loving ocean sways my heart forever with a graceful motion.

There isn’t much point in being a bird if you don’t spread your wings and fly.

You’re the best at being you that I have ever seen. So kiss yourself right on your lips you gorgeous human being.

Enjoy being perfectly imperfect as you become who you are.

The only difference between an atom and a solar system is size.

I ended up being me because no one else wanted the job.

Jeeeez… if my love gets any higher I will have to start digging for heaven.

Once you realize that there is nowhere to go you have finally arrived.

When you smile you are a golden sun radiating iridescent sparks of divine love.

Toss your fear, despair and all things forlorn into the horn of your unicorn.

I know I am on the right path because all of this nonsense is starting to make sense.

My heart is an exploding supernova! I love you and all life.

You don’t wake UP from a true dream; you wake up IN it. Bring it on!

I am a heavenly faucet pouring spirit’s love into the hot tub of life.

The reason  you love the way I write is because I write the way you love.

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photograph and art © 2010  JP Gregoire

About Sri Gawn Tu Fahr - Love's True Home

I’m not a guru, saint, master or redeemer. I am soul; dream’s eternal lover and love’s eternal dreamer. Canadian author of Love's True Home, and Facebook's Mystic of Mayhem.
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7 Responses to 66 snazzy snippets to snaggle your mind

  1. margot wilson says:

    I love this page! You are moving right along! I am so happy for you!
    Lots of LOVE!

  2. Hello Beautiful One,

    You amaze me.

    Peace, Love, Understanding and Respect,

  3. Leica says:

    Hello Mystic of Mayhem, Comic and Lover of Life!
    … this is a very beautiful page of expression. I’ll visit it often, any time i’m feeling blue, discouraged or in need of a lift, this one’s golden.

  4. Meredith says:

    You….. pure Love that flows from soul straight to my heart.
    I feel love surrounding me like a shield of light.
    Proctecting me with Rainbow delight.
    Oh how wonderful to feel enveloped by your hue of colorful, magical love.
    You bring me such joy.
    Thank you.

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