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Whenever I get all tanked up on love’s sweet juice, I get to feeling like I’m Doctor Seuss, a rogue on the loose chasing Mother Goose. As I ride spirit’s train I’m a crazy caboose with a one-track mind: your succulent heart I seek to find.

Our divine imagination is a magic carpet ride into our hearts. Summon your courage, fly away and venture forth into love’s glorious depths. Freedom has always been ours but the mind would have us think otherwise. If we want love we must give love because love is all there is.

I am not on a mission. I am love’s mission.

Precious jewel thou art, sweet lady. Every blessed facet of your exquisite being enthralls me. The splendor of your love light elevates me far beyond the heavens above. As I gaze upon thee a river of love erupts from my heart and flows joyfully into yours. I am truly free within thee.

Awww … such a cute little birdie. I know you feel so comfortable in that warm, secure nest. The mind has been spoon-feeding you tender morsels of yummy lies for countless lives and life is so sweet. Boot! Whoops! Sorry, I didn’t mean to kick you out of your nest. Wow! You’re flying! Hmmm … I bet you didn’t know you had wings.

Neon stars fly from your eyes as freedom’s cry lights up the skies. I surf the rainbows in your smile and forever I am free, as I dive deep into your heart, love’s sweet ecstasy.

Today I am a happy little honey bee, grinning and merrily buzzing along as I sprinkle liquid crystals of sweet love nectar everywhere I go. I have so much it splashes out of my heart. God filled me up with it and spirit suggested that I pass it on. Want some?

Sometimes my mind is a swirling vortex of infinite insanities and it sure feels good to bust loose from its incarceration and rise above it on occasion.

God provided us with feet so we can stand, walk freely, explore and choose our experiences in life. We realize this once we stop crouching, crawling and cowering. Simply give that ole’ mind a hearty kick right between the thoughts. Ka-boom! Stand up and experience the glory of true spiritual freedom simmering in your loving heart.

Forgiveness can be an important step to liberating one’s self from the shackles of the mind and opening the blessed floodgates of love within our hearts.

Toss your fear, despair and all things forlorn into the horn of your unicorn. There’s one in your heart, it’s a magical beast, start smacking your lips, it’s time for a feast.

I am a tree of life grounded by my roots and supported by my trunk; branches reaching out to you, tender leaves glistening in your light. My pungent fruits drink your sweet nectar pouring down from the heavens. As I bathe in your blessed dew I am a profusion of whirling cosmic love atoms forever dancing in your heart.

Away to the far country I am bound atop your wings of light and sound. Now I know where love is found.

When we judge someone we are attempting to extinguish the spiritual essence of that being and our personal freedom is diminished.

We are all composed of the same spiritual atoms but as individual children of God we express ourselves uniquely. Ka-boom! Supernovae of divine love bursting from our hearts. Life is for living and love is for giving so give it all you’ve got. Unleash your power, love and wisdom and allow the brilliance of your golden heart to show you the way.

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About Sri Gawn Tu Fahr - Love's True Home

I’m not a guru, saint, master or redeemer. I am soul; dream’s eternal lover and love’s eternal dreamer. Canadian author of Love's True Home, and Facebook's Mystic of Mayhem.
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6 Responses to Freedom

  1. Birna says:

    Wow – thank you! It’s good to know that you have humour.

    I actually have found my wings, though. But thanks for the kick 😉

    Both funny AND sweet is an irresistible combination.. but then again, I guess you already know that 🙂 My compliments to you, sir!

    And thank you for sharing such lovely thoughts with the rest of us.

  2. Meredith says:

    It’s a blessing for sure… that I need never roam… I am never alone …because I’ve found Love’s True Home…. a place where I can be Free … a home where I can be Me! Through your writing and support you daily give me the tools …that help my eyes to finally see… your words educate me.. excite me… ignite me… to reach for my highest goal… to find my true love.. right inside me … Yes! … Soul! How grand to feel love flowing like a water faucet that won’t shut off…and then suddenly I’m flying with you and the rest of “our gang” on Facebook on a magic carpet ride….and then you yelll Jump and then Divvvvve ….and dive we do… right into the Cosmic Rainbow Dew of Sweet Love and then we Land right back in the fields of flowers in our hearts… Yes We have flown right back to Love’s True Home! Your Freedom page is Awesome!!! Look at me!!! Im freeee and I’m flyyyyyyinggg xxx I thank Thee Sri!

  3. April says:

    Most certainly appreciate you in this hectic world amidst chaos and destruction.
    Your happy words in flight were an incredible introduction!

    Incredible blog here, so much you share with a smile,
    so I’ve tagged, bookmarked, followed, and added you to favorites file!!! 😉

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