Science – an Entertainment Industry

Enjoy these quotes from my new book ‘Love’s True Home.’

Science is hilarious! The human eye can only see 1/10th of 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum which means that most of life’s activities go unseen; yet using very limited scientific tools we interpret the visible parts and claim to know so much about life.

The more time you spend looking at the clock the further you are from your heart, love’s true home, beyond all time, space and place.

Many believe that humans descended from apes. Luckily for the primates there is no relation.  As eternal spiritual beings we progress from one form to another: mineral, plant, insect, bird, mammal and human. Life after life our awareness expands until we discover our true nature as soul which leads us to divine love.

It is invisible to humanity’s scientific instruments, yet within every event, inside every atom and throughout the entire physical universe and far beyond there is an infinite amount of space brimming with divine love.

The purpose of the mind or the mind’s desires? Who is steering your ship?

Humans can be quite ridiculous. We look at birds and want to fly so we build an airplane. “Wow!” everyone says, “that’s awesome, what an accomplishment, now we can fly.” We conveniently forget that birds have been flying for millions of years, don’t burn fossil fuels and lovingly fertilize our environment as they soar the friendly skies. Splat! Whoops, sorry Mr. Mind.

The greatest thing ever proved by Einstein is that nothing can be proven. This makes sense when you consider the fact that love, which lies far beyond proof, is all there is.

We are not alone. In the same way that explorers in the Old World set out across the ocean to discover and explore the New World, the same activity has been occurring for aeons on a galactic scale. There are visitors from other planets. Only the puny and cowardly ego of man considers itself to be the apex of all creation.

Since all matter eventually disintegrates, science is incapable of really knowing anything of any lasting value.

A man discovers an acorn for the very first time, resting on the ground. He becomes fixated on knowing its origin and its meaning. Off to a lab he goes. He peels, dissects, measures, weighs, hypothesizes, extrapolates and expounds grand theories on its true nature. If only he had looked up toward the heavens upon discovering it and observed the oak tree.

If humans hadn’t witnessed birds in flight, chances are we wouldn’t have any flying machines today.

Science claims that gravity is a physical force which keeps our feet planted on the ground. My experience is that mind is a much greater force, which keeps our consciousness trapped in the lower worlds of time and space.

The only difference between an atom and a solar system is size. To truly understand this, a deeper and broader perspective is required. Catapult yourself high above the confines of the mind, pull your viewpoint way back, further than you’ve ever been and you will see that love is everywhere.

There are only two things which can move faster than the speed of light; the first is our vivid imagination which, in an instant, can transport us a billion light years away to an exotic planet. The second one is a carload of shoppers on a special mission, heading for the boxing day specials at Wal-Mart.

If something is explained in complex terms it is usually very distant from truth. Life is simple; love is all there is. Long, drawn-out explanations are but puny morsels offered by the mind to divert our attention to countless outer forms which all fade away like fog melting in the sun. Gaze into your heart and behold the splendor of God’s infinite love.

The intellect has amazing influences in our world. Science probes deep into the heart of matter thinking the key to life’s origins will be found there. I can’t help but laugh. Whoops! I turned the sun off by mistake. How are things looking now? Since you can no longer see anything I guess it doesn’t ‘matter.’

Words such as size, distance, before and after are meaningless to the heart. The mind attempts to attach some kind of ‘real’ value to worldly things which all pass away. The heart is eternal and free, a fountain of eternal love, not bound by measurement of any kind. If you wish to experience this freedom and joy simply go ‘out of your mind’ and dive into your heart.

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About Sri Gawn Tu Fahr - Love's True Home

I’m not a guru, saint, master or redeemer. I am soul; dream’s eternal lover and love’s eternal dreamer. Canadian author of Love's True Home, and Facebook's Mystic of Mayhem.
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3 Responses to Science – an Entertainment Industry

  1. kilobugs says:

    Very well said my friend, back in 1900 the scientists were introduced to viktor schaubergers ideas and theories, they agreed with him and they said the problem is that we are going to have to rewrite the entire text books… so they buried his wisdom and knowledge.. something which is only starting to re emerge now..

  2. Science says:

    An added bonus, screen IMAX films and planetarium shows. Science

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