Jump Up and Down and Make Lots of Noise!

A few tweet sized quotes from my new book ‘Love’s True Home

I am a bratty little devil with a crumpled halo tucked into the back pocket of my faded blue genes.

A fact for sure is nothing true; it’s just a single point of view.

Some say this and some say that, but you know where loves at and because of that, you’re a real kewl cat

Don’t worry! Don’t freak! Just leap off that peak. Let it all go; give your heart a sweet tweak.

Forget sanity. A stable state has extra weight; it’s a saddle on a horse’s gait.

You’re waiting for the lift off as the seconds tick away. What the heck are you waiting for? Blast Off! Now! Today!

Don’t wait. Clean your plate: its not too late to send your heart to heaven’s gate.

I love to slap the mind around and poke it in the eye, a swift hard kick between the thoughts and my heart start to fly.

How happy you are and so you should be; from that glint in your eye I can tell you are free.

You’ve got quite a life, I like the way you live it, I like the way you laugh and I love the way you give it.

You spin madly like a cyclone across my wild terrain; you stir the love within my heart and tear to shreds my brain.

I really glad that you are you and so happy I am me; lets jump off this magic cloud and dive into the sea.

Jump up and down and make lots of noise; that’s what I expect from good girls and boys.

I like what you do and the way that you do it: you never get down and you never say screw it.

I’m frantically searching your heart for a thermostat ‘cause your loves too phat and it’s knocked me down flat.

These things I imagine are the things that I like so I take ’em with me when I’m riding my bike.

Sometimes I’m crashing, thrashing and bashing along; whatever I’m doin’ my passion is strong.

All I can say about pleasure and joy is I’m glad you’re a girl and thank God I’m a boy.

Are your fart bombs messianic? Are they rancid and gigantic? When you walk into a room does everybody panic?

You know where you’ve been and you know where you’re going ’cause you live from your heart and you’re loves always flowin’.

I sure dig your style and I like your aroma, the love from your heart puts my brain in a coma.

I don’t like do-nots. I get tied up in knots and start seeing dots, so its no surprise that I don’t like do-nots.

My knots can be naughty in the ship of my heart. Sometimes they rumble and I pop a big fart.

Toss off your boots, cut off your roots, jump up and down and gobble down fruits. Climb that big tree, fly to the sea and discover how great it is to be free.

The wing-tipped waves of your sweet love lake makes me wanna bake a birthday cake.

The bigger I get, the smaller it seems, when I crumple my fear I wake up in my dreams.

You do what you do because you are you. You know what is true so you continue to do.

I’m a kid, I love it and I don’t wanna grow up. I’m not a snarly old hound; I’m a happy young pup.

If you don’t give it all you’ve got it won’t be got and will soon be forgotten; all for naught, withered and rotten.

I learn from myself cause there’s nobody else.

You’re the best at being you that I have ever seen, so kiss yourself right on the lips you gorgeous human being.

Grab a tennis racket and give your fear a real good whack: send that sucker so far off it’s never coming back.

Hot peanut butter, cold gooey jam, I’m headin’ for freedom, I’m burstin’ my dam.


About Sri Gawn Tu Fahr - Love's True Home

I’m not a guru, saint, master or redeemer. I am soul; dream’s eternal lover and love’s eternal dreamer. Canadian author of Love's True Home, and Facebook's Mystic of Mayhem.
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