Symbols are Illusions

A symbol might seem awesome at first until you realize that it stands between you and the real thing.

The intellectual concept of a messiah is presented by the mind as a promise, causing many to look toward the future, hoping for some kind of salvation. Love, power, wisdom, and freedom exist in the ever-present moment of the now. The messiah as a poetic symbol points to divine love residing in our hearts, love’s true home. Look no further! You are the messiah.

The mind loves to hypnotize humans with symbols; powerful images firmly implanted in religion, philosophy, metaphysics, science, art, literature, music, etc. Many are unaware that a symbol is merely a representative of something greater. It stands between you, the seeker, and the thing that it represents. Why stare at a painting while love’s light shimmers in the waters of your golden heart?

Symbols are distractions erected by the mind to prevent you from moving beyond, into endless worlds of love forever beating in your heart.

Symbols are like catapults inspiring us to greater heights. Once their purpose has been served, we discard them. They can also be likened to windows or doors. We pass through them, move forward, and don’t look back.

It is easy for the human mind to become fixated on symbols—powerful mental images packed with emotion. The mind creates these illusions to captivate our attention and prevent us from looking beyond them to the source of life itself. Divine love needs no symbol, intermediary or representative. It simply is and resides in every heart.

The circle has been a powerful symbol throughout human history. It is said to represent unity, completion, perfection, and God. As soul, I view circles as a limiting construct of the mechanical mind. I am free and live outside of all circles in the boundless ocean of spirit’s love, where all circles have their being.

If you hold a circle in your hands and give it a half twist, it becomes the symbol for infinity; yet another of mind’s endless illusions.

Selected passages from  my new book, Love’s True Home.

Passages and “Humandalas” © 2011 Jean-Pierre Raven Gregoire (aka: Sri Gawn Tu Fahr)


About Sri Gawn Tu Fahr - Love's True Home

I’m not a guru, saint, master or redeemer. I am soul; dream’s eternal lover and love’s eternal dreamer. Canadian author of Love's True Home, and Facebook's Mystic of Mayhem.
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3 Responses to Symbols are Illusions

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  2. Ja-Len Jones says:

    Dear Sri Gawn Tu Fahr: Yes, symbols can be mind-traps because they are just things known as “constructs”. We only have one real thing and that is love. Great points here! I totally get this! Thank-you! Love Love Love!!!

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