Why waste your life chasing dreams?

Congratulations! I heard that you lost your mind. Don’t waste your time looking for it. Enjoy your new found freedom.

Humandala by Jean-Pierre Raven Gregoire

Yin Yang Humandala © 2011 JP Gregoire

I didn’t realize who I was until I stopped being who I wasn’t.

Humandala by jean-Pierre Raven Gregoire

Warm Love Humandala © 2011 JP Gregoire

The expression “You only live once” is hilarious. To one, it means “Do as much as I can while Ican.” To another, it means “Take as much as I can while I can.” As soul, I do live once, and it’s forever. Every day, I shine a little brighter on my journey back home.


Coldscape Humandala © 2011 JP Gregoire

Eventually, we discover our true nature as resplendent souls and realize that since time immemorial, mind has been casting swine at pearls.

Heart Wings Humandala by jean-Pierre Raven Gregoire

Heart Wings Humandala © 2011 JP Gregoire

Why waste your life chasing dreams? Set yourself free, and let them catch you.

selected passages from Love’s True Home by Sri Gawn Tu Fahr, Facebook’s Mystic of Mayhem.

About Sri Gawn Tu Fahr - Love's True Home

I’m not a guru, saint, master or redeemer. I am soul; dream’s eternal lover and love’s eternal dreamer. Canadian author of Love's True Home, and Facebook's Mystic of Mayhem.
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