Sri Gawn Tu Fahr on Energy Talk Radio

This is my first video interview; David, of Energy Talk Radio did a wonderful job, but it is very evident I need lots of practice, with my shifty eyes, lots of body movement etc. Nonetheless I share it with you.

Sri Gawn Tu Fahr on Energy Talk Radio


About Sri Gawn Tu Fahr - Love's True Home

I’m not a guru, saint, master or redeemer. I am soul; dream’s eternal lover and love’s eternal dreamer. Canadian author of Love's True Home, and Facebook's Mystic of Mayhem.
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4 Responses to Sri Gawn Tu Fahr on Energy Talk Radio

  1. nemo235 says:

    Gwan tu fahr? Hahahahah. that is funny. I wonder how many people haveny figured out that you call yourself”gone to far”

  2. Caught the play on words in the beginning, Jean-Pierre. Totally fits your personality and expansive message of divine and human love. Hey, you asked for feedback on the video interviews. Remember that we all look a bit weird on Skype’s face-in-front-of-computer-screen mode. It is convenient and cheap, but it won’t ever look like a real video shot by a separate camera with a teleprompter. It’ll be harder to look directly at your audience because you’ll seem to be looking down a bit at your computer screen. But, hey, CNN is using the technology to get on-site news reports from eyewitnesses to events, so it’s cool. I think you sounded great and looked just right for the video situation you were in. Didn’t seem twitchy to me. You also effectively project the calm and loving vibe through both video and audio (and I just love your Canadian/French accent!). I guess the only thing I’d add is to allow that wondrous rhyming humor to come through at will as you get more comfortable. Blessings and hugs from the Divine Feminine!

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