Soul – Your True Self

As soul, children of God, we are eternal beings, and much more than a physical body, emotions and thoughts. In its self realized state Soul is neither male nor female. We return again and again into the lower worlds of matter, space and time, always gaining experience on our sojourn back home, drawing ever closer to the loving heart of God. Reincarnation allows soul to experience life through female and male bodies, as it gains insight into the ying and yang aspects of life.

Remember this: everything that we perceive in the outer world is a reflection of our inner states of consciousness. Most of us see what we want to see, expect to see, and what we have been told to see. When I gaze into the eyes and hearts of my brothers and sisters, I see love. What do you see?

There is no such thing as one big behind-the-scenes objective reality. Everyone has his or her own unique reality, and we are entitled to our points of view. An awareness of this creates respect for others. If someone says they can lead you to reality, chances are they are referring to their reality. As soul, you choose your experiences and create your own reality.

In today’s world, there is a frenzied clamor for the acquisition of personal power, which lies in the domain of the masculine mind. When soul combines power with love and wisdom, freedom is realized and it becomes a balanced, effective, and dynamic vehicle for spirit’s love. Now we’re talking.

I do not believe that we are here to make this world more beautiful. Planet earth is a reflection of our collective consciousness; we all contribute to a dynamic human matrix. Love, truth and beauty emanate from the resplendent hearts of loving souls. As we release our inner divinity, the world naturally becomes brighter and more beautiful. Change always comes from within.

Recognize your spiritual nature and behold it in others. Live from your heart, love with your heart and all will be well. The truth of the matter is that we are all gods and goddesses of our own universes.

Stop choosing, and become the chosen one. Live in the moment and don’t worry about the future. Love thyself, sweet child of God, and allow the brilliance of your inner wisdom to shine forth.

Love is a river flowing from God into our hearts. As it flows out again to all life, it takes a little bit of our unique flavor with it. We are vehicles for spirit, God’s love. This is the very essence of life. We exist because of God’s love; we are all children of God. Can it get any simpler?

Today is a time to acknowledge your spiritual nature. In the heart of every being shines a golden sun. Behold yours, and celebrate! You truly are something special. Shine on! May Spirit’s sweet, heavenly breath forever fill the sails of your mystic heart ship.

© 2013 Sri Gawn Tu Fahr @

© 2012 by Nanne NyanderPainting © 2012 by Nanne Nyander


About Sri Gawn Tu Fahr - Love's True Home

I’m not a guru, saint, master or redeemer. I am soul; dream’s eternal lover and love’s eternal dreamer. Canadian author of Love's True Home, and Facebook's Mystic of Mayhem.
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