Whoops! I didn’t mean to kick you between the thoughts.

The mind is difficult for many to understand, yet it is nothing more than a machine. As soul, we use it in tandem with our physical body and astral body (emotions) as an instrument of perception and expression while gaining experience in the lower worlds. Eventually, soul discards these devices and perceives directly rather than viewing things as being separate and outside of itself.

Going Out of My Mind

You may have heard the expression “We are what we think.” My experience has been that “I am what I don’t think.” The mind is a wonderful servant but a very poor master, always complicating the simplest matters by drawing our attention to things in the outer world.

It’s time to kick it around a bit and put it in it’s proper place with a bit of prose and poetry. I love smashing the unruly mind to bits. A machine can always be rebuilt.

Congratulations! I heard that you lost your mind. Don’t waste your time looking for it. Enjoy your new-found freedom.

Allowing mind to be our master is like being locked in an outhouse. Sure, after a while you get used to the cramped space, the stench and darkness, but there are better places to be. Take your fears and flush them down the toilet bowl of oblivion, wipe away the ghostly apparitions from your mind and behold divine love residing in your golden heart.
Many worship and praise the mind, and consider it to be sub-lime. From my perspective it’s more of a crime, and closer to being sub-lemon.

Mind is incapable of comprehending the concept of ‘nothing’ because it imagines itself to be a big, wonderful and irreplaceable ‘something.

mind_2Are you using your mind to study the mind? Have you considered that it might be a little biased, perhaps playing favorites? How about getting to the heart of the matter?
an angry mind is a dark syringe
it poisons the heart and makes soul cringe
it injects us with fear and fills us with doubt
preventing sweet love from cascading out

Why clamber and scramble for dry, tasteless crumbs offered up by the mind while a heavenly loaf of love leavens in the holy chamber of your golden heart?

What’s the difference between a man with a hammer, a man with a chainsaw, a man with a computer and a man with a mind? Essentially they are the same. In each instance he has a tool with limited capabilities. The last one, the man with the mind, sometimes thinks he is the tool.

details are for microscopes
distances for telescopes
murky depths for periscopes
and promises for broken hopes
they’re all mind’s lies for human dopes 
so throw away that useless rope
open up your heart to God
let Spirit’s river flow
love is what you are sweet soul
this is all you need to know

Tmind_3he ego is wrapped up with itself in constant adulation: a frantic, self-indulgent, repugnant mindsturbation.

a few like to lead
but most like to follow
many seek things that are empty and hollow
the circle expands as the lies keep on growing
one hell of a party the clever mind’s throwing

Recently I got tired of being a puppet on a string, dangling here, scurrying there and not really learning anything. I’m not sure why, but I woke up and then it all made sense. Until that point I’d lived my life deep in mind’s pretense. I found my heart, dove straight in and much to my surprise, I landed smack dab in the centre of spirit’s loving eyes.

study the mind
develop the mind
dissect the mind
free the mind
worship the mind
what’s yours is mind
what’s mine is mind
too much mind all of the time
I’m goin’ outta my mind and leaping out of this slime
into spiritual worlds sweet and divine

The mind is very adept at using the news media to propagate its endless messages of worry, fear, suspicion, doubt and tragedy, which keep us preoccupied with events in the outer world. This greatly pleases the mind because we forget to look within our hearts, where mind has no power and love reigns supreme.

hey mind!
I know you love to calculate, postulate, and extrapolate
measure this, measure that
king of chaos
you’re such a brat
you deserve a real good whack and with my heart I’ll do it
I’ll pour my love all over you and laugh as you pass through it

The mind would have you think that ‘mind candy’ is something awesome, something real. When the body dies it takes the mind and the candy with it. I prefer to drink from the sweet, everlasting nectar of love flowing eternally out of the heart of God.

The mind is like a box of Lego. We can create worlds of wonder for ourselves or allow others to build walls around us.

I hope you don’t mind, Mr. Mind, but mind your own business. You know the old saying “What’s mine is mind, and what’s yours is mind“? That’s way too much mind for me. Bonk! Whoops! Sorry, I just gave you a good clout with my humongous loving heart. I hope you don’t mind.

Imagine billions of beings living in a room so vast that few can see its walls: Every human experience occurs within these confines. This gigantic room is your mind, and until you can get beyond it, you will continue to live within its limitations, all the while believing you are free. Your golden heart is the door to true spiritual freedom.

Sometimes it feels like I’m in a prison but not a typical prison in which I am being held against my will. I am the warden here. The mind enthralls me with all the trappings of the outer world, and I indulge in greed. At other times, love fills my heart, and the prison walls dissipate like fog melting in the midday sun.

mind_1Many are blind to mind’s confinement and attempt to fight the system from within. One must transcend all prison walls to experience true spiritual freedom.

An unruly mind has been likened to a monkey in a cage. The shrewd mind dreams up ridiculous scenarios to divert attention away from our true nature as soul. Comparing mind to a monkey in a cage is too high a compliment. It’s nothing more than a cage. A monkey has more freedom. I love going out of my mind and diving straight into my heart.

A mind under control is an incredible tool. You can do crazy things with it if you have a loving heart.

I just performed a triple bypass surgery on my mind by pumping it up with frothy waves of love, power, and wisdom. That feels much better! I love losing my mind. A little bit of freedom is a good thing once in a while.

You don’t HAVE a soul. You ARE soul. You have a physical body, emotions, and thoughts, which will eventually fade away. You are a resplendent, eternal spiritual being, child of God, perfect and free.

Whoops! I apologize Mr. Mind. I didn’t mean to kick you between the thoughts.


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I’m not a guru, saint, master or redeemer. I am soul; dream’s eternal lover and love’s eternal dreamer. Canadian author of Love's True Home, and Facebook's Mystic of Mayhem.
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2 Responses to Whoops! I didn’t mean to kick you between the thoughts.

  1. Cindy says:

    *I ;pved this article honey!!! Thank you so much for sharing. Hope you and your family are doing well.*

    On Wed, May 1, 2013 at 1:05 PM, Sri Gawn Tu Fahr wrote:

    > ** > Sri Gawn Tu Fahr – Love’s True Home posted: “The mind is difficult for > many to understand, yet it is nothing more than a machine. As soul, we use > it in tandem with our physical body and astral body (emotions) as an > instrument of perception and expression while gaining experience in the > lower worlds.”

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