About Sri Gawn Tu Fahr

Greetings. My name is Jean-Pierre Gregoire, Facebook’s Mystic of Mayhem, author of Love’s True Home, romantic poet, troubadour, philosopher, inspirational writer, lyricist, comic, upbeat, and adventurous!

I write under the pen name of Sri Gawn Tu Fahr. I am blessed with the ability to stand way back, look at the whole picture and behold the Hand of God behind all human activity. I see love in every heart.

I have learned that I do not have to be a saint, guru or master to recognize, enjoy and share the beauty, wonder and glory of God’s divine love.

I didn’t set out to write ‘Love’s True Home’. Gradually I became aware that it was writing me. I surrendered and became Spirit’s Pen.

I had a vision in which I saw Oprah Winfrey, beaming with joy and holding ‘Love’s True Home’ high above her head, recommending it to all of her fans and judging by the response from thousands of inspired readers, the dream moves gracefully forward atop the heavenly wings of divine love.

Spirit flows into me like a mighty river. I marvel as thoughts, emotions and images tumble out of my mind and splash into my heart like a waterfall where they dance, frolic and mingle in a frothy bliss. The next thing I know inspirational thoughts, humor, prose and poems of divine love emerge as waves upon this river as it flows onto the pages of Love’s True Home and into your hearts.

My writings have been described as Rumi on a rocket, Eckhart Tolle out of control, Einstein looped on wine, Dr. Seuss tanked on juice, Kahil Gibran totally gone, Aristotle on the bottle, Ghandi with the Wind, a Supernova Casanova, a snarlin’ George Carlin, Chris Rock running amok, Deepak out of Whack and the Divine Poet of Facebook.


22 Responses to About Sri Gawn Tu Fahr

  1. Jennifer Larkins says:

    I will so be in the audience cheering on that day on OPRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jennifer Larkins says:

    I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Judith Kingdon says:

    Your insight reminds me of one of my favourite philosophers, Heraclitus – the philosopher of riddles; e.g. fragment 27; the lightning directs everything. Good luck fellow traveller in the top 250. x

  4. bev says:

    dearest Jean-Pierre , friend of many,
    your words, humour and Spirit bring joy to all who read them,
    either through being profound, to make us think.. or so
    excrutiatingly funny to bring the twinkle in our eyes
    and the smile our the faces… and again make us think ;O)
    You are a bright shining Beacon. Thank you
    Love and Light
    bev xxx

  5. Ja-Len Jones says:

    The romantic poet John Donne once my favourite romantic poet until Sri Gawn Out-“Donne” him!”He’s come UnDonne” The new, the Contemporary poetry made soft like mush in the supplanted like butter spines of we vertebrates. As flowing down Sri Gawn’s love to gently quell our heads with uguent, the oils of sacred blessings. As the swelled banks of the river of love’s swift overflow Sri Gawn resplendent in glorious complete spectral light arrays. A bright shining tiger on the shore holding the key to Sri Gawn’s most magnanimous love for us. He is here on FB and beyond to the pearly gates of Oprah. Such magnificent cupidian love, romantic heart-strings plucked like chickens from their roust to awaken and sing winsome songs. As Sri Gawn takes great pleasure in fine wining and dining us with such a serene dip in his masterful azurian pool of poetics. Sri Gawn has a license to thrill and free us from our captive hearts held down for far too long. We are FREE to LOVE! He is that captivatingly by our longing to be love and loved. Songs of Love emannate from the deepest contours and curvilear spatial infinity of his adroit and contemplative heart. The soulful Sri Gawn; the heart’s unrelinquishing reliquary of love in the overflow. Welcome to here and now Love of Sri Gawn; you will never be the same!

  6. Layla says:

    Your thoughts and quotes inspire many every day im so blessed to know you and be in your life

    • Sweet One, I love you deeply.
      The inspiration you experience is actually within your own heart; spirit enters my heart and flows out to you through my words. These words stir the love pudding in your heart: you are love. One of my quote says it well “If you are enjoying the light, spark and goodness that you are feeling from others at this moment it’s because you are seeing a reflection of yourself as soul, full of love, beauty and grace. Give yourself a great big hug!”
      I love thee sweet girl; remember this always. I am always here for you. I am also blessed to have thee in my life.

    • Thank you sweet Layla
      Someday we shall meet in the flesh – til then our hearts sing to each other.

  7. Barbara WÜHR says:

    Jean-Pierre, your poems, your way to see life makes me smile… you are androgyne… LOL … just wonderful..
    Do you speak french ? My englisch is not very good… I was born in Germany in 1939, but I am living in France since 1959… I am on facebook since one year only and I am interested in spiritual development… (and painting)…
    So I made the acquaintace of Gary LANGE and I was interested by your “appearance”…
    I love your sensibility, and lol your long hair and the smile on your face…
    I never lived my life before the last divorce… five years ago… but now I can flly… like yourself.

  8. Rafael Martinez says:

    Dearest JP,
    I can be as kewl as you? :p
    i want to inspire others too

  9. Ha Young Park says:

    dear my Raven,
    my english is not good, but i can to learn from your book, so nice sentences for all world’s people can to enjoy! Thankyou for writing this book! I wish you to behappy!

  10. Tina York says:

    Love’s True Home

    This is not a book of poetry and prose. This is not a research paper or a thesis. This is an autobiography of you, dear Jean-Pierre. But again, it is not the usual autobiography. This is a deep view into your kind, loving, perceptive, sensual and sensitive nature. Forget the style of your writing. It is in no way studied. What this is is a raw and honest and spontaneous expression of what you are and what you have experienced, how you have lived your life on this planet and what exactly it was that brought you to this point. It is extremely revealing.

    For instance you talk about your early childhood and experience with the Catholic faith, and why you left it. You talk about how greed and misery of those who should have been close to you made you turn away from them. Etc. Left with consternation, you tried to get answers for all your questions, but no one could satisfy them, especially not your last hope, the scientists and those who deal with existential questions perhaps high up in the Tibetan mountains, and so, what were you left with?

    By nature you are a loner, you need time alone and freedom to think, and the only way for you to get answers was to withdraw into the quiet, to withdraw into yourself, and seek the answers there.

    “ Soul, in its self-realized state, is like a wild stallion: noble, free-spirited, unfettered, and spontaneous, forever roaming the wondrous skies of heaven. Humans without spiritual awareness are like tamed workhorses: corralled, kept in reign by the mind, and forever following the dictates of others.”

    You said it all here in this one short paragraph. It was your powerful drive to unlock your self-actualized state – your soul — and this is what you are sharing with us here in your book. You show us here what you found when you searched for the one and only truth: the unconditional love of soul.

    You have found that love and now you are giving it to us. You build us up, you make us beautiful, you show us how to let go of all that which is unimportant in our lives and you show us how to embrace our own unique self — our own unique soul.

    “There is a deep longing within each soul to return to its true home from whence it came”, you write. Yes, you understand us so completely. And so you sprinkle rainbows of unconditional love on all of us and you guide us through your love to ourselves, to our heart – where Love’s True Home resides.

    You are impish at times, or reflective, urging, imaginative, sexy, humble, noble, hilarious, serious, creative, brilliant, silly, goofy, fiery, generous at others, and, of course, always loving and spiritual. You play with us, and in doing so you guide us — unobtrusively — to the only thing that matters: LOVE.

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